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18:05 MLB: Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays Channel 1
18:05 MLB: Detroit Tigers vs Toronto Blue Jays Channel 2
18:05 MLB: Houston Astros vs Atlanta Braves Channel 3
18:05 MLB: Miami Marlins vs Washington Nationals Channel 4
18:05 MLB: Philadelphia Phillies vs Baltimore Orioles Channel 5
18:05 MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Yankees Channel 6
18:10 MLB: New York Mets vs St.Louis Cardinals Channel 7
20:05 MLB: Chicago Cubs vs Texas Rangers Channel 8
20:05 MLB: Cincinnati Reds vs Colorado Rockies Channel 9
20:05 MLB: Kansas City Royals vs Los Angeles Dodgers Channel 10
20:05 MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants Channel 11
20:05 MLB: Oakland Athletics vs San Diego Padres Channel 12
20:10 MLB: Los Angeles Angels vs Milwaukee Brewers Channel 13
20:10 MLB: Seattle Mariners vs Chicago White Sox Channel 14
20:10 MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cleveland Indians Channel 15
23:05 MLB: Baltimore Orioles vs Minnesota Twins Channel 16

19:00 NHL: Ottawa Senators vs Philadelphia Flyers Channel 70
21:00 NHL: Calgary Flames vs Colorado Avalanche Channel 71
23:15 NHL: New Jersey Devils vs New York Islanders Channel 72
00:01 NHL: Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning Channel 73
00:01 NHL: Detroit Red Wings vs Carolina Hurricanes Channel 74
00:01 NHL: Dallas Stars vs Winnipeg Jets Channel 75
00:01 NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets vs Chicago Blackhawks Channel 76
00:01 NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins Channel 77
00:01 NHL: Washington Capitals vs Buffalo Sabres Channel 78
00:01 NHL: Florida Panthers vs Pittsburgh Penguins Channel 79
01:00 NHL: Arizona Coyotes vs Anaheim Ducks Channel 80
03:00 NHL: Los Angeles Kings vs Edmonton Oilers Channel 81

22:00 NBA: Philadelphia 76ers vs Orlando Magic Channel 30
00:30 NBA: Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzlies Channel 31
00:30 NBA: New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics Channel 32
01:30 NBA: Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Channel 33
02:00 NBA: Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks Channel 34
02:00 NBA: Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers Channel 35
02:00 NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves vs Chicago Bulls Channel 36
03:00 NBA: Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers Channel 37